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  • Hackable Navigation system/GPS


    I am getting a navigation system for my recently acquired Ford Focus Flexifuel. Is there anyone who knows of a navigation system that is hackable? Many of the units available seem to run Windows CE 5.

    Has anyone succeeded in installing their own software on one of these? I am looking at implementing a rear view camera to display on the unit.



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    Your looking in the wrong place. You'll need some software called RoadRunner, for free, or Centrafuse, for $275. The software has the facilities for Cameras, radio, xm, internet, game emulation, gps, wifi, practically everything.

    Good luck, and i'm sure the MP3car community will help you along your way.


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      The Navigon PNA 7000T seems to be hackable...

      Thank you for your reply. I decided to get the Navigon PNA 7000T. It runs Windows CE. The good thing though is that if I connect it to my windows computer and explore the card contents it seems pretty easy to make it boot whatever software I want.

      This should be a quicker and less expensive way to get a small computer running in my car. I guess that it should be possible to get it to play video and audio without much effort.