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Getting Pharos iGPS-500 to work after resume from hibernation

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  • Getting Pharos iGPS-500 to work after resume from hibernation


    I just got a Pharos iGPS-500 hooked up to my carpc. This is the same gps that is bundled with Microsoft Streets and Trips. The problem is, I cant get the GPS working after resuming from hibernation other than to manually unplug and replug it. iGuidance (embedded in Centrafuse) simply wont see my GPS unit. However, when I hibernate then resume a few minutes later, the GPS works fine. It doesnt work if the resume is an hour or more long.

    Can anyone give some advice on what I can do? Could I do some software based tweaking? Or do you think giving the GPS unit constant power would work? If so, do I simply build a regulator (probably from a lm317) which gives out constant 5 volts and connect that to the GPS, while keeping the two data pins on the USB connected to the computer? What do you guys think?

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    Nevermind...I fixed it. I used the drivers from the CD instead of letting XP update it via Windows Update. I also plugged the GPS into a USB port built into my motherboard, rather than using the USB on my addon USB 2.0 PCI card.


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      To tell you the truth, I never got mine working consistently from hibernate. It work 19 out of 20 times but that always bothered me. Hopefully I just got a defective one and yours fairs better.


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        Hmm...Ive only resumed from hibernation and used my GPS for less than 5 times (I just recently got the unit). Its worked perfectly since I did those fixes mentioned above, but I guess I shouldnt get too happy yet =(.