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  • GPS in Brazil

    Hi, first i want to say sorry avout the english.
    I from brazil and i'm just finishing my MacCar, and i want to use a gps on it.
    In brazil we dont have much maps and programs that we can use, we have some volunteers that are makeing day by day this maps, u can find in this link:
    The problems is, the maps are made in two programs formats, one is a program made for a brazilian, the program name is TrackMaker, the problem with this software is that no routable maps.
    The other formart is the mapsource routable maps.
    I want to know if have any software for mac os x that i can use with the mapsouces maps. If does not have, are any software fo windows that i can use in my touch screen display?

    Thank you guys for the cooperation

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      wasup, joao

      i'm brazilian too
      posting in english so everybody can understand
      i got the solution for your problems

      add me on msn ([email protected])

      see ya

      Tigra Clube Brasil


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        Hey, brazillian too, yes there are maps for Brazil. I've been using Destinator in my PocketPC since 2004, with Brazil map. Recently I downloaded the Brazil 2007 Q2 map that has more than 150 cities, and also the 4Rodas map with all the POIs (points of interest).

        I am using Destinator 6 for PCs in the CarPC.

        But the CarPC is not installed in the car yet (its in my table), so meanwhile I am still using my PocketPC, but with another application, iGo 2006, with brazillian maps too. Its better if you will use GPS on PocketPC (another car, etc...).

        PM me if more info is needed.
        \/ |_ /\ [)
        1995 Civic Sedan EX
        CarPC status: [||||||||||||] 100% - Phase 1 Complete!
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