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Strange output from Infill G4 GPS

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  • Strange output from Infill G4 GPS

    Most of the time the GPS receiver built into my G4 gives out valid NMEA sequences at speed 9600, but sometimes upon startup or return from standby it would give out some unintelligible crap (see the log file attached - it starts with crap then switches to NMEA).

    Has anybody seen this particular kind of crap before? There is definitely some system to it. What can it be? My first guess was that it might be SIRF but sirfdemo.exe does not seem to recognize it (but it does not seem to recognize its NMEA neither, so it might be just me not being able to use the program).

    Any ideas?
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    I did some experimenting and that's what I found: when in "crap mode" the receiver is actually transmitting correct NMEA data but at speed 14400! Upon startup or restart from standby it just switches arbitrarily to 9600 or 14400 depending on its current mood.

    Has anybody seen anything like this before? How do I deal with it?