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  • Keeping bluetooth connected


    I got my hands on a Cellink BTG-7000 bluetooth GPS reciever, however it's not behaving very nice.

    The "bluetooth devices" manager in XP shows the device, but only sporadically shows it as "connected". If i re-pair it, it will show as connected for a little while, then stop. If i disable and re-enable the "serial port" service it offers, it'll some times show up as connected before disappearing again.

    While using destinator for navigation, my position will suddenly stop being updated, and locked satelites will be zero. I suppose this really means the GPS just disconnected.

    I'm assuming this is a variant of the known problem with bluetooth devices going to sleep after a while. Is there any way to send a keepalive-signal of some kind to the device? I see GPSport and Xport have been mentioned for signal splitting, would they solve this problem as well?

    The goal is to be able to boot the carputer, be 100% certain that the GPS is automatically connected, and be certain that it stays connected until the carputer turns off. Right now I never know if it disconnected or if I just lost satelite coverage..
    Any thoughts?
    Opel Calibra Carputer