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Europe has small possibilities for good programs?

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  • Europe has small possibilities for good programs?

    Hi all,
    I've been searching for two weeks now for some decent information about good gps software for a carpc in europe but I think there isn't such thing...
    The only two I found are Iguidance 2.1.2, but this is very outdated since the maps are from 2005 and then there is freedrive with destinator, but this one is limited by its maps... so no planning cross-border... And thereby, the benelux map hasn't got all the cities, so it isn't that good either...
    As for all the rest I've read, there are a lot of statements that are the opposite of eachother, so at the moment I'm quite baffled and can't figure out if there even is a good program...
    Maybe someone can help me with their findings and conclusions?
    I'd really appreciate the help...


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    Have a look at PC Navigator 7, (search this forum)

    Available from :-
    and :-

    (Same product) Can be re sized and the maps are 2007