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problem getting signal lock

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  • problem getting signal lock

    I got a usb gps receiver, and iG 3 with RR. I'm using the xport option also. In iG, it shows its looking for satellites, and finds 6 or more, but does not lock to any of them, and when it does, it only does for a few minutes, even if I'm standing still.
    Also iG 3 does not have any maps of my area. When I type in for instance, naperville, IL it has no city called that, and I did install ALL the maps (over 2 or more GB)
    should I switch software to something else? How can I fix that GPS unit to get a lock? Is there something in the baud settings, or under device manager I can change to get a lock? Took over 25min to get a lock for about 2.
    its a deluco GPS

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    Alright, I'll take a stab at this..

    First off, download this program:

    It is a diagnostic utility for your specific GPS unit.

    2nd, if it were my money, (and it was about 3 months ago) I would have (and did) buy a BU-353, since you paid more than I did for the receiver, and i feel that having the SirfIII (I believe that's what it's called) is much better than having ANYTHING Sony made. (let the bashing begin!!) Also, their support sucks, as I am finding out right now..

    Ha ha.. Anyways, we're beyond that point, so no point in shooting a dead dog..

    So, what I would do, is this: Reinstall you iGuidance program. I am using iGuidance #3 and have had NO problems locking onto a signal. They say that you should let your GPS receiver sit for 15 minutes while it trys to figure out where the hell you are on this planet. But.. I've gotten a steady signal after 45 seconds or so (maybe I'm just lucky...)

    Anyways, I would start with this:

    1. Sit there for 15 minutes, see if it connects steadily.
    2. If that doesn't work, check your port settings to confirm that you're not having an IRQ or port conflict.
    3. Switch ports to confirm that it's not something to do with your port that you're using (pick 10-12 for your port, as it'll be very unlikely that another piece of hardware will use those)
    4. Reinstall iGuidance (if you didn't purchase it, now is a good time since #4 came out)
    5. Buy a new GPS receiver - something not Sony based

    I hope maybe I helped a bit with this???


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      I think with #3, it has to be less than 9 or something like that. There is some program around and I thought it was iG that didnt like double digit port numbers... Could be wrong, but thought I woudl share.
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        Ill try that above, thanks!
        Ill also try moving it to another location. I did use the wizard, and that has no problems getting a signal, but I'll reinstall it.

        also for the iG maps, any reason it only loaded partial? it took about 3 minutes to copy all the maps to my hard drive


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          Figured it almost all out.
          Anyway its a bit of 2 things
          1. too close to the car pc, moved it a bit and gets almost instant signal lock
          and 2. IRQ conflicting ports with the USB audio.
          How would I fix that IRQ part? when I go to device manager, it won't let me change the IRQ ports? I figured it out when either the GPS or the audio would work, and saw that they are on the same IRQ port.