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Bluetooth or wired? no idea what kind/type to get

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  • Bluetooth or wired? no idea what kind/type to get

    I've read over some of the FAQ. but i still don't know what gps to get. I e-mailed a company a few days ago, here in Canada, and they recommended the Holux GPSlim240. Anyone have luck with this baby? I'm not really interested in taking it with me. i want to connect it and forget about it.

    Will having the bluetooth cause interferece? gety 'iffy' reception? I also want something discreet I can hopefuly tuck away somewhere.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    Get wired.
    Far less hassles.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      That's what I was thinking. What do you think of this model? Holux GR-213 USB SiRF Star III Waterproof GPS.

      Are there any gps models that can be powered via a usb? The above Holux model is powered via the car power plug.


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        I have used both Bluetooth and wired GPS. You will be happier with wired. The BU-353 is very popular.


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          sounds like wired is right for you.
          let us know what you decide and how its working out.


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            Wired for sure..... my system wont go into standby using the bluetooth.... keeps locking it up.

            I plan to switch it when I can afford the cord for it. I am really happy with the Holux GPSlim 236. Works as both BT and Wired
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              unless you like to move the GPS around from vehicle to vehicle, wired is the way to go.
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                go wired
                i use the ayay sir ti-gps and get 8-10 satellite routinely with fast locks, all while its placed INSIDE my dash and out of sight