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iGuidance Freezing... Corrupt Maps?

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  • iGuidance Freezing... Corrupt Maps?

    I'm having this problem with iGuidance freezing. It seems to only freeze when I'm on I-80 and have a destination set, (ex. Home to school, school to home). I make the 3:30 hour journey and it seems like after so long, it doesnt freeze. When it does, iG will just close unexpectedly, or if i'm lucky give me an error msg then close. It's embedded into RR, with the CFX skin, and when I hit close on the GPS screen then return to GPS, it opens up like it should. Then when I choose the destination again, sometimes it will close immediately. Other times it will work then close unexpectedly.

    I think maybe my maps are corrupt or something, and when iG tries to calculate a route, it stumbles on missing or corrupt and closes. Does this sound reasonable? How would I go about fixing it? I'm thinking just reinstall the maps, but the iG disk is at home and I'm at school now. Maybe its not the maps. Any ideas?

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    Unregistered Maps ?. /j/k
    Uninstall and reinstall will take care of it. Happends 2 times to me.


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      I have this problem several times in the past during long long trip (5+ hrs).
      After about 2 hrs into the drive, it just freeze. Sometime, I have to manually shutdown iG or it would on it own. When restart it again, it just shutdown within a minute.
      The only way to get it back to full function again is reboot the PC.

      I think it has something to do with memory. It could be memory leak (I didn't check memory usage but the system doesn't seem slow down) or what funky thing going on with iG routing function.
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        It happens sometimes. iG4 doesn't crash anymore for me, iG3 was having major issues.


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          IG4 lags when it's giving me directions, and I wanna see/scroll a map. It's slow to swap between map and directions.