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xport with gpsproxy and com0com

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  • xport with gpsproxy and com0com

    Hi guys,

    I plan to use 2 GPS programs together in CF.

    Currently the setup is such :

    USB GPS source (com1) -> GPSproxyPC (takes com 1 and output to com 2) -> com0com (takes com 2 and output to com 3) -> nroute (reads from com 3)

    **note GPSproxyPC is needed to converts signal to garmin readable (nRoute).

    working great right now.

    Now I plan to use the built in Nav with CF together with nRoute (external app within CF).

    Now the plan is :

    xport3 splits GPS source com 1 and output to coms 10 and 11 (example)

    nroute program with CF
    now GPSproxyPC would take com 10 instead and output to come 2, the rest is the same.

    CF Nav
    just configure to use com 11

    I am new to capabilities and especially compatabilities of xport used with GPS proxyPC and com0com.
    anyone with any experience it would work.

    Can't try it right now since the setup is in the office and just can't sleep thinking about it !! :-)

    thanks in advance.

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    update : tried for almost half a day, the gpsproxypc/com0com portion is not working.