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Customize route in IG4...How?

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  • Customize route in IG4...How?

    One thing I love about Streets and Trips is that I can customize a route very easily. For instance, from Upstate, NY to the Florida Keys, I like to go Rt 81 -> Rt 66 -> Rt 17 -> I95 etc. instead of the DC route it calculates so I visually add those points to the Route Planner and then press "Get Directions" and away I go; it recalculates using MY custom route.

    I tried adding these same routes to IG4 by adding to the Itinerary but when I went to select Go, if I select the last point (the destination), it calculates it's own route so do I have to select the 1st point? And if so, do I have to keep selecting each of the points as they are reached? Man I hope not, IG4 integrates really well into Roadrunner but this is really a pain in the ### compared to streets and trips.

    Thanks in advance to all who respond.
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    Yes, I'm afraid iG is not as good of a trip planning solution as S&T. iG looks great, iG is easy to use as a navigation program to get you from A to B, but iG is not suitable for elaborate trip planning. (Everything iG is not good at S&T excels. Everything S&T is not good at iG excels)


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      you routinely drive from upstate NY to the Florida keys?

      wouldn't it be cheaper to fly?