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ig4 and volumen issues sound gets louder

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  • ig4 and volumen issues sound gets louder

    So, ive been running Centrafuse and Iguidance 4.

    My volumen gets louder when IG goes to speak. Not just voice, but music as well. Its like a 15% jump in sound.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I only wanted the voice to be louder so I have amplified my IG wav files to get it louder than the music playing via CF.

    im puzzled. This also happens outside of Centrafuse:

    Roadrunner + IG music AND voice go louder.
    IG4 and Winamp alone, Audio goes louder as well.

    Wierd happens on both, my notebook and in the car.


    so i reverted back to the original WAV files... still the same issue.