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Freezing in Centrafuse with GPS

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  • Freezing in Centrafuse with GPS

    Hi guys,

    Bit of a problem with my carputer. I'm running Centrafuse with iGuidance and the CFiG plugin to run iGuidance in the centrafuse program. My GPS receiver is the BU-353.

    Centrafuse runs completely fine all the time, until I open CFiG. After that it will run anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour at the most, and then freeze.

    I haven't tried just running just iGuidance to see if there is some problem with that, but will definetely give it a shot soon so that I can rule that out.

    Anyone else using CFiG, iGuidance and CF and experiencing these problems?

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      Interested in this, I plan to run that set up when my system comes (IGuidance Bu 353 and CF)
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        Is this with iGuidance 3 or 4? I was able to run 3 without any problems but after upgrading to 4 I constantly had problems with freezing and BSOD.
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