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iG 2.1.3 locks up until I zoom in/out...

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  • iG 2.1.3 locks up until I zoom in/out...

    When running iG 2.1.3 (which has been running for months quite well), on occasion (about two or three times a week) iG will seem to stop updating the display until I zoom in our out. Other functions may cause it to start updating again, but I haven't tried. Its only a minor annoyance most of the time, but it was a real pain the other day while trying to get through a bunch of quick turns in downtown Manchester, NH - kept missing turns because the screen wouldn't update and I'd have to keep my hands on the zoom in and out.

    Hoping not to have to uninstall/reinstall - maybe someone's seen something like this before?

    CarPC v2.5 up and running - all hardware installed, skin configured, and iG tweaked like crazy. Now for OBD-II, and voice control, and camera plugin, and... :nutz: - it never ends!