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Best GPS for Canada?

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  • Best GPS for Canada?

    loking to add GPS into my system, whats the best Hardware and where could I get some GPS hardware from? Also I have microsoft streets and Tips 2002 will I be able to use this with my GPS? thanks!!

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    As long as the gps unit you get supports nmea 2.0, then it will work with Streets & Trips.

    As for hardware, theres alot of specific ones you can get that have usb plugs on them, for direct comptuer connections. But you need to add in shipping, and usually convert from $USD, which makes them expensive.

    What im considering doing is just buying the cheapest one from canadian tire, then getting the comptuer link for it, and it should come out to about the same as a usb based one, but then ill have a stand-alone gps if i want.
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      I purchased the GPS-35 USB from GPSCity Canada, they're based out of Alberta. Works great with MS Streets and Trips, although since it's not true GPS software it only updates every 10 seconds.


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        you got a web site for gps Canada? or maybe a adress? thx!!


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          Sorry I haven't been watching the thread, if you're still looking for them it's at