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  • earthmate and almanac

    question, has anyone been able to get earthmate to remember the alamac? everytime i start off it takes a year and a day to get a lock. i just wired it up to a constant 12v today. hopefully it'll work. the gps uses next to no power so i'm not really worried about it drawing power from the car. any thoughts or comments?

    also people with earthmate and the 12v cigarette lighter adapter...does it get really hot?

    yeah so i moved the gps from the back of the car to the front. now its not detected. the fuse is fine and its definitely getting power....not good...
    90 300zx twinturbo conversion
    Epia C3, 512 ram, syntax mobo, 80 gig WD, Mediacar, GPS w/Routis, all behind drivers seat, 7in Lcd Lilliput VGA with Touch, wireless adapter for stumbling, Consult ODB1 adapter and data scanner.