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auto start xport to be preconfigured

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  • auto start xport to be preconfigured

    I can't seem to get any hits when I search for this problem.
    I am using the free Xport (please donate if you can) it works great.
    I am basically using it to save a continous GPS data log.
    It is just an exe file that I run, but how can I make it autorun with my current settings? Are there some commandline switches for xport
    Or does anyone know a better way to be able to create a continous log of gps data without messign with Iguidance 3 functionality.

    Thanks in advance

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    ?? Xport autoruns once you have ticked 'Enable Ports' and closed it.

    The ultimate CarPC - Wow!


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      Ah, without using the splitter it won't autostart. Yeah, just select a virtual port and enable and it will autostart.

      Thanks much for the donation too!


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        Awesome, Thanks dudes,
        It was so easy It threw me for a loop.
        Your welcome on the donation. Well worth $5.00.
        I did as you said and it all works perfectly.
        What is your favorite gps log reader?


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          I just use my compass app to read it on the home PC. The speed isn't accurate, but I don't need that. Compass knows when XPort is available. Just set up XPort with a virtual port enabled and compass with play back to iGuidance or anything else. You just have to use regedit to set the log folder for compass to find it. I should probably do something about that but I don't know if anyone really uses it for that.

          On the other hand, just load iGuidance and hit "Play Track" under File. There's no speed control though.