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Experience with Street Atlas 2003?

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  • Experience with Street Atlas 2003?

    Has anyone played with this software yet? Any comments?
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    I would like to know as well. I use 9 Deluxe now and I am waiting for the next carputer before buying a new version...
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      i have it and it works very well.. i never used any other software, but this is great for $40. the only complaint i have (and this is for all maps in general), is that the software doesnt recognize divided highways.. for example, you will be on a divided high way going north, and it will tell you to make a left (across the divider), this isnt possible of course, but if you take the next exit and say back on track, it wil reroute you the nearest route.. it has millions of POIs and i havent seen any road inaccuracies yet, it talks, voice recognition, and the interface is adjustable.. great prog for $40.


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        It is better than the older versions? I have not been impressed with Delorme so far, even thought about selling mine.


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          i never used the old ones.. so i cant really tell.. go to the delorme website, and there is a shockwave demo you can dl.. it basically shows everything it does.. the speaking and voice recognition is the most useful part when you are on the road.


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            Can you change font size of the streets and stuff?

            how does it come out on a regular LCD screen maybe 6.4" or 6.8" in size?
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              no you cant change font size, and if you change windows settings to a higher dpi, the menus get cut off.. it syas in the manual it runs on 90dpi 640x480 minimum, so if you change it, it looks weird.. on a 6" screen, you cant see the street names at all.. so i rely on voice commands -- and even if i could read the streets, i wouldnt look while driving. During gps routing, it has a turn by turn direction screen, HUGE text and font that says next turn, next street, distance and time till there.. thats about the only thing that is plainly visible on the small screen.. Combined with the voice commands, it works out well.


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                Originally posted by moahdib
                Can you change font size of the streets and stuff?

                how does it come out on a regular LCD screen maybe 6.4" or 6.8" in size?
                I think you can if you modify some of the registry settings. I've had fun messing with the registry a couple of days ago to get that perfect window size, and I think I saw some stuff about the font sizes.

                On a plus, you can zoom the street level in and zoom the window out. They are separate controls. That should give you the desired effect.

                BTW - Works really well on my Xenarc, but it gives a popup warning (every time I start it up) that it works best in 800x600 resolutions. Still can't figure out how to kill that.
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