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  • Copilot Live 7 for Pocket PC

    I have a smartphone and i'm looking for a GPS program for it. I see that TomTom doesn't work w/ smartphones, but Copilot Live does. Has anyone tried this. Additionally, i see a lot of talk on this forum about Copilot Live 8, 9 and 10, but 7 appears to be the newest version. I'm not sure if people are talking about Copilot Laptop or Navigator. In any case, i'm talking about the Mobile PC version. it looks nice, but i don't know anyone that owns it.
    Progress - VIA EPIA SP8000 | 120 Opus Power Supply & Case | 1GB Ram | 120GB 2.5" Hard Drive | Bluetooth 2.0 | GPRS/3G | Wifi | Road Runner/LSX 2.0 (waiting for a day skin for 3.0) | iGuidance 4.0 | Lilliput 7"

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    Sad you still got no replies so far...!

    Hi warnockm,

    I was pretty amazed to see this thread without no replies yet.However i bought my Copilot 7 from Press Digital in last week and i'm very happy with it.Since you say that you don't know any one that owns Copilot 7, so i think at last you got one.

    What i love most about it is, it's handy 3D Views of Maps.So anyway are you looking to buy one..? Or have you already bought one because this thread is some what old by the look of it.