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IG4 Crash-Reboot with GPS data

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  • IG4 Crash-Reboot with GPS data

    Hello all,

    I have an issue running IG4 with my Cop-Puter. The app runs perfect UNTIL I enable the NMEA in the GPS menu. As soon as I do this I get a BSOD and an instant reboot.

    The computer itself is a Motorola MW520 with a 700mhz CPU 256K ram I know it isn't much but it actually runs really well. It uses a 10.4" touchscreen monitor. I am running windows 2000 SP4 on one and the other PC is running XP PRO SP2. Both cause this error, so I know it isn't a OS issue.
    The GPS is a SERIAL Magellan Meridian handheld unit. It outputs NMEA 0183 data using 1.2, 1.5 or 2.1 versions.

    I have the RR installed and running with Digital FX2 and that runs perfect. My ONLY issue is when I enable the NMEA on the GPS.
    RR Version is 10-07 not sure of the exact date (at work) but I have this issue running either in RR or standalone IG4. So I know it isn't RR. I have used xport, and serial port splitter and have the errors, I then removed both port splitters and ran IG4 by itself on the dedicated comport of the GPS and same problem, so I am not sure it is a application error. GPS unit runs perfect on my laptop with Streets and Trips 2007.

    Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this? All the searches I did had to do with USB units. Maybe I need to upgrade a little
    I really think it is a driver issue but not sure what driver I would even use as the GPS unit itself doesn't use one.

    Thanks for ANY input.


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    RE: Update

    Well I did a clean install of XP Pro SP2 on a new drive installed IG4 ONLY, I then used my buddies Pharos GPS360 USB GPS and all is working great. I did install the correct drivers for the USB GPS first (PL2303). So I am pleased it is working fine. This is telling me it is a driver issue with the serial port unit. So I will just order a new USB unit and be done with it.

    Is the Pharos GPS-500 unit a decent one? It runs about 55 bucks.