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Bu-353 or PCMCIA?

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  • Bu-353 or PCMCIA?

    I've read good things about the Globalsat Bu-353 for navigation but to prevent too many wires running around inside my car I was wondering if anyone is using a pcmcia gps receiver without problems?

    The advantage to using the bu-353 is that it will be sitting on my dash inside the car as opposed to the pcmcia being inside my laptop sitting underneath the passenger seat. Any recommendations?

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    The BU353 is great.
    I'd think the reception on a PCMCIA unit under the seat would be less, simnply because of it's location.
    The receiver needs to "see the sky", which is kinda difficult buried under a seat.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks! I think I'll go ahead and order one then. Other choice would be a bluetooth receiver but from what I've been reading the bu-353 has better reception than those as well.