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  • Off-Road GPS?

    We all know there are bountiful sources for GPS while on the road, but is there a software that would display an Off-Road trail map. I live in Utah, and would find it handy for a trip to Moab.
    To clarify what I mean just go to any major GPS unit manufactur's website, like garmin, or even bushnell, and look at thier "outdoors" gps, and the interface on there. For when we feel like venturing into the "uncharted" areas.
    Any ideas or info would be great, thanks.
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    The ultimate CarPC - Wow!


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      I used my GPS often last hunting season. I was amazed at the % of roads that were in the software (iGuidance 3). I mostly traveled dirt and gravel logging roads and about 90% of them were there. I doubt moab would be there as that is more of a trail. There has to be something out there for offroad. Especially with all the hunting topo software that is available. I just don't know if any of them have real time updating via GPS.

      Edit: OziExplorer looks cool.
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        Thanks for the info! I checked Ozi, and ran another search on it here in forums and came up with all sorts of info and found a couple of other programs. At least now i know what some of the options are. But if you have any other ideas or suggestions, please let us know.
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          per chance did you stumble upon this site in your searching. Looked to me like it had what you were searching for, not specifically some software you could just run but looks like it would be fairly simple to import it or build it into your current GPS software.
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            After thoughts...

            Cool, thanx. I'm glad to see that there are a few options for off-road gps in this world. In fact I would like to list some of the ones that I found in my search below. I'll also provide links to the software's website.

            1. Topo 7.0 by DeLorme - I really like the "geo-tagging" feature for classifying photos. Cost 100 bucks, and you have to pay for the maps you want, but it comes with a free 100 dollar credit for downloading your first maps. Could easily end up being really expensive if you like to travel.

            2. OziExplorer by Des Newman - Has some interesting features, and seems to be the crowd favorite. (And may be so for good reason.) Also, appears to be the most cost effective. And from what I understand many maps can be downloaded for free.

            3. Terrain Navigator by Maptech - Appears to be the most advanced software for this sort of thing, however, also the priciest at around $100 bucks per state! Ouch! And thats for the basic version. But my friends father has this and he can do some really cool stuff with it, he mostly uses it for river trips.

            4. Global Tracker by Fugawi - At $135 it comes in first place for up front cost. Appears to be a pretty straight forward program with a broad range of compatability for different types of maps. Also comes with the software for your PDA or smart phone. And for any one who has a stack of paper maps in the closet, you can scan them in and use them to!

            Those are the three I have found thus far that could be used for Offroading, using the topography and trail mapping features of these programs would help you get around the mountain in style (If you ask me, having to back up down a trail because you didn't know there was a climb ahead that your vehicle couldn't handle is pretty sad, thats where the topo software would come in handy.)

            Anyway, if you find any other programs, or have some more info feel free to throw it in.
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              Vote for OziExplorere

              I've used OziExplorer with USGS (US Geological Survey) topographic maps in Tiff/DRG format while at work (I'm an archaeologist). The software and map loading takes a little effort, but nothing else comes close. Also, many maps from OziExplorer are free and there are links to user produced maps on their website.

              USGS topo maps of the entire United States at 1:24,000 scale or DRG files (Digital Raster Graphics) are freely available to download at the Libre Map Project. The level of detail at this scale is the best for off-road adventures (it shows individual buildings and such); however, it takes quite a few maps if you are covering a large area.

              USGS maps at the Libre Map Project

              Also consider Fugawi:


              If you want to get really technical (and expensive), GIS software, such as ArcView can display any type of map or digital image available with a little work. This is technical software and not really set up for carputer use, but it can be done.


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                Also DeLorme has Topo program...


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                  Thanks for he info, I checked out the fugawi as well, and will edit my above list of programs to add it in.
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                    My company, Spatial Minds, makes "Overland Navigator" which is touchscreen friendly topographic GPS software. I'm an offroader/hiker/overlander with a carputer (a UMPC now) and wanted something that was touchscreen friendly.

                    There's an overview of the software on youtube.


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                      [QUOTE=spatialminds;1302912]My company, Spatial Minds, makes "Overland Navigator" which is touchscreen friendly topographic GPS software. I'm an offroader/hiker/overlander with a carputer (a UMPC now) and wanted something that was touchscreen friendly.

                      That looks impressive,any plans on expanding it to cover overseas,Aust.


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                        Thanks for the interest in Overland Navigator.

                        We don't have any plans for Australia at present, but I'll send you a PM to discuss it further.



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                          I'm using Oziexplorer for 3 years, both on a pocketPC and on my car's PC (XP tablet) and it's great. I know many people here in Israel that are using Oziexplorer as well).

                          A friend of mine is using fugaway, he likes it and he is the only guy I know using that software.

                          A newer software is compeGPS (a spain based company), people I know who tested it swear that it is the best off-road software, has all the needed options and it is easier to learn.

                          Here in Israel we also have some propriety off road software (at least 3 that I can remember right now) but they will not help you in the US.

                          Good luck,
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                            I'm very new to this, so excuse me if this question is incomplete or dumb:

                            Would an Intel Atom 1.6 with 2gb ram have trouble playing music while showing GPS in real-time on a 3D MAP like the one by OziExplorer?

                            I'd imagine displaying a real-time 3D map takes a lot of processing power, right?


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                              I run an EeePC with the 1.6ghz processor and 1GB or RAM. It runs Centrafuse. so Destinator and Oziexplorer as well with no problems. It also has a reverse cam hooked up whioch is a little slow watch but records fine. Anyway, no problems performance wise.