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  • MS Street & Trips 2008


    Has anyone tried this version out? Info is here:


    Note it includes MSN Direct.....

    That leaves me with some questions:

    1. does the antenna work with xport?
    2. does it work with any frontends?
    3. How good is it in general?

    Thanks for the input....


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    I haven't used the 2008 version. I have 2006, and I am pretty disappointed in it for car pc use because of the interface. I'd be interested to know if it has an activeX control version available.
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      There's a RR skin add-on for Streets and Trips. I've been using it since Trips 2006. It should work for 2008 unless they changed the interface.


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        I use Iguidance 4 in the car, but I prefer S&t for route planning.

        I've used 2008, seems fine, pretty much like the previous versions with a few new features and updated maps.

        The GPS puck should work fine with export as all xport does is split the port into a couple virtual ports. Remember, I said should............

        I don't think any of the current skins or FE support S&T by default due to the interface issues mentioned above. You can embed it and it will work fine, I have before but switched to IG 4 for the 3d view.
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          If interested, there is a mini-contest going on right now at - you may win one of two MS Streets & Trips 2008 with Connected Services (the version which includes the program, the GPS receiver, and the MSN Direct traffic receiver). Here's the link.


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            Thanks for the replies,

            What I really was wondering is if MSN Direct works well with any of the frontends? Since S&T 2008 includes that for a year, it looks rather attractive....



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              To my knowledge, none of the front-ends can make use of MSN Direct right now. Is there a sdk available? If so, I'm sure a plug-in could be written.
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