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REQ: Sticky listing PC GPS navigation packages

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  • REQ: Sticky listing PC GPS navigation packages

    Hello all,

    I have a simple request:

    Could we put together a sticky listing PC-based GPS programs with a link to websites? Perhaps even a simple table or matrix listing features (i.e. text-to-speech for street names, etc) or pros/cons and what country the program is suitable for? Maybe a column showing if it has "frontend" support (RoadRunner, etc)?

    I've been interested in this area myself for a long time and I easily lose track of the latest and newest programs out there for PC-based GPS navigation.

    I know of the "basics" and would be happy to chip in...:

    ALK CoPilot 10 (PC/Laptop/UMPC) (US, EU?)

    Delorme Street Atlas (US)

    iGuidance 4.0 (PC/Laptop/UMPC) (US)

    Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 (North America)
    Microsoft Autoroute 2008 (Europe)
    Microsoft MapPoint 2006 (North America & EU versions)


    PC Navigator 7 ???

    what else? I know there are (now) a ton more

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    We have one.

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