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Iguidance v4 and turn preview?

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  • Iguidance v4 and turn preview?

    I am using both Garmin Mobile XT and Iguidance v4 at the moment for comparison. The nice thing about Garmin is that it has the option to enable turn preview. This means that for every turn you make with a certain distance, it will immediately tell you whether you should turn left or right on the next turn.

    This is important because I missed the entrance to a freeway with Iguidance 4 because it did not tell me I need to immediately turn left after turning right.

    Does Iguidance v4 have this feature. I tried to look through all the options but did not see any.

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    When there are two turns (too) close to each other, then iG4 will tell you about it verbally, as well as display two arrows in tho top left corner. However, your missing a turn may be an indication that there may be a way to improve this functionality in future versions.


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      I would say that this is a good example that the human element should always be used in conjunction with a GPS program =).

      I mean, the GPS will guide you there, but they are not 100% perfect. The signs on the side of the road are perfect, and there is always a sign to get on a freeway.


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        I see where he's coming from. iGuidance will only tell u your current turn and not the next one. So by the time it shows you the next move, it's already too late.

        To combat this, I disable the autozoom option so I can see the roadmap and therefore the next turn/turns before they are coming up. Witht he autozoom on, it will zoom into the current turn and you won't be able to see what's coming up.