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  • W3bIGCommFix - iGuidance CommPort Maintainer

    I wasn't sure about "publicizing" the release of this app cuz I wasn't sure of the demand, so I was just gonna let folk stumble across it at, but SonicXtacy02 suggested I create a thread for it... so here ya go.

    I, like many others, use iGuidance embedded in RoadRunner. This is great, but when iGuidance "loses" it's Comm Port setting, it results in you having to open IG separately, set the Comm Port, then open it back up in RR, because the toolbar menu is stripped out with the embedding procedure.

    This application will verify and if necessary set the Comm Port registry key for iGuidance.
    Set the refresh time, comm port and auto-start settings. Can minimize to tasktray or taskbar.

    Tested only with iGuidance NA 3.0

    Grab it HERE

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    glad to see you coding again now i need to do the same
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      word! maybe one of these days I'll finish up W3bTracker and my other projects lol. good to see ya around bro.


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        Man, this is exactly what I was looking for. For some reason, IG will loose the comport settings every so often. I will test it with IG V4 and will let you know the results. Thank you for posting it here!


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          I'm a bit late, but glad to help...


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            I found it will lose the COM port settings if the COM port is higher than 7 or so. I changed my COM port to 5 and have not had an issue since. Useful program nonetheless