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Streets & Trips GPS Update Interval

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  • Streets & Trips GPS Update Interval

    If you're in Canada you probably know that MS Streets & Trips is about the only map with decent coverage. I have noticed the 2003 version has a lot more detail but it still has that aggravating 15 second gps update interval.

    Here's the info on how to change that interval to match your gps. It's good for 2001 thru 2003. My tripmate updates about once per second so I set the interval to 1/2 second and it works fine.

    I'm pretty sure this also works for the European version 'Autoroute' but I didn't test it.

    The info came from usenet postings and was not written by me.

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    Thanks for the information. I know I have missed a few turns waiting for that damn program to update. I know my GPS updates my location at least once a second, so it only makes sense that the map should update that often too.


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      awesome info! good find!
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        Hi. I got a PM with some questions I thought I should answer here also:

        No, you can't keep the image centered on your gps position, bugs the hell out of me too. Somewhere it has to do a test to figure out if the new position is on the screen. Hack that yes/no result and it would always center, but I don't have the tools to do that.

        No, it doesn't follow the route directions using your gps position. Brilliant huh?

        No, it doesn't speak the directions.

        I have noticed that in Ontario, 2003 has WAY better coverage than 2002. Lots of street names in Ontario towns in 2003 were absent in 2002. Even private roads out in the boonies have names now.

        I believe this is all due to the fact that MS's licence for the maps does not cover in-car realtime use. The map providers license that use to other software products. That, and MS are big idiots who couldn't care less about their customers' needs.

        Afaik, nobody else has any worthwhile Canadian coverage except delorme's AAA Map-n-Go. It's definitely better for GPS, but it's non-vector format is completely useless on my 5" display. It just looks like a mess.