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Free software to test gps

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  • Free software to test gps

    People are always looking for extra software to play around with:

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    Yeah I'm using VisualGPS XP with the tripmate hack and it works great, I'm pretty happy with it. Doesn't do any sort of mapping but it gives you a lot of information about your position, sats, etc...
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      Nice find, I like that program but has to occupy the whole screen for me to be able to read... =(

      I use GPSThing to do the trick for me and it's sorta hacked so it sits at the bottom of my screen and doesn't occupy much space just to display locked sattelites, speed, altitude and heading.

      check out my homepage for a link to download my version.
      Oh and if ur wondering the PC and CPU temp is from the MBM5 OSD ( On Screen Display).

      I'm too lazy to actually implement that in the program so i chose the lazy method of programming hehe.
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