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IG4 crashes on certain map areas. Corrupt map?

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  • IG4 crashes on certain map areas. Corrupt map?

    I was driving north from Calgary, Alberta (Canada) to Red Deer on HWY2 with IG4 running as my navigation and it crashed about 30km from Red Deer. I relaunch the application and it crashes immediately when the GPS signal is found. I drove for a few kms before IG4 would launch again without crashing.

    I am suspecting there is something wrong with the map that causes the application to crash when the certain areas are being viewed. Even when I am not driving and simply scrolling the map to those areas, the application will crash. I have noticed there are certain other areas around Red Deer that will also crash the application. Not sure if this happens to areas around other cities. I have never had any problems viewing the map from within the city.

    Has this happened to anyone? Or maybe someone knows what can be done?
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    something happen when you copy that part of the map. Recopy you map files