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hyundai tucson - tomtom one install

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  • hyundai tucson - tomtom one install

    Hey all

    I hardwired my wife's tom tom in her Hyundai Tucson so since i just discovered this forum i thought i would snap a few pics

    this is everything i needed ( i did end up going with Velcro instead of wire ties it was easier)

    I cripped on a loop connector for the ground

    I removed a bolt ( there always a few in the dash) and put the loop connector around it and bolted it back in

    I added the existing fuse and a spare fuse to the mini fuse splicer i found at advanced auto and then cripped that to the positive(red) wire
    ( this has a fuse, the cig addpeter has a inline tube fuse and the cig power supply has a fuse as well so i think were covered)

    Install the fuse splice, in this case i used the power for the emergency flashers figuring that 1) the always have power and 2) that its not 100% critical like headlights or abs
    and yes the hazard lights still work

    here is the entire packaged shoved in there

    Here is a shot of what it looks like mounted (i need to hot glue down the cable along the side but its not going anywhere as it is)

    I have done my VW Passat this way as well with some minor differences ( i have mine mounted much higher)

    please feel free to ask questions or post comments

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    How to wire the Littelfuse Add-A-Circuit?

    I bought the littelfuse to add the circuitry for my tomtom too. But, I dont want to use the big black cigarette lighter unit to wire it to the littelfuse.
    I installed the littelfuse to the driver's side fuse panel. But the outlet from the littelfuse has only one red wire coming out of it. How do you get +ve and -ve terminals out of it?