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Xport "forgetting" settings after hibernate/resume?

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  • Xport "forgetting" settings after hibernate/resume?

    Check to make sure the GPS COM port is available after resume. It's probably not starting back up.

    The radio button doesn't do anything. It's just an indicator.

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    Xport "forgetting" settings after hibernate/resume?

    Hi all,

    Xport seems to occasionally forget its settings after a resume. One of the following things happen:

    - the GPS unit isn't re-detected on resume. A reboot of the computer fixes this
    - the COM port in Xport gets "forgotten": I have to un-check "Enable Service", check it again, select the COM port ant tick the radio button beside it.

    I have installed the latest GPS drivers as suggested on the Xport homepage. Using the GPS unit that came with MS Streets 2007 (Pharos GPS-360 I believe).
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