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Tool for CarPC / Laptop with POI,GPS,Maps,Tracking

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  • Tool for CarPC / Laptop with POI,GPS,Maps,Tracking

    ShowGPS 2.74 - The Tool for your GPS-PC - Download

    - GPS - Evaluation
    - POI - Managment
    - GPS - Tracking
    - Map View
    - Voice Output
    - Statistics
    - Touchscreen
    - POI-Export

    Special features

    POI categorys
    Now you can sort your pois in different categorys.

    POI multi-import
    With this function you can select many poi-datas to import.

    POI Import/Export
    POI Export for Navigon NavigatoR 2.0+NCK5* and MapFactor Navigator 6+7
    With a few clicks your can export the POIs from ShowGPS to your navigation program. No workaround, no grind. Simple with ShowGPS. All pois now as category in navigon.
    *for NCK5 you must have the poiimportconsole from navigon

    Filterfunction for POI-Window
    Now you can filter the POIs with a text string.
    The last searchs are saved.

    Mapview and City-search with Worldmap
    The Mapview shows your position on the world or the imported maps.
    You can see worldwide cities and your POIs from ShowGPS on the map.

    Map import via Openstreetmaps and MapCalibrator
    Install OSMTileDownloader or MapCalibrator
    -> go over ShowGPS "Map" -> "Map view" and zoom to the region
    -> "Map Download" and follow the help

    Quick Startmenu
    Quick Start menu for the main functions, 6 large buttons allow direct access to all major functions

    Simple Geocoding over Internet
    Make your addresses to POIs

    Big warning picture for POIs
    Set your own picture for display over the hole screen

    Online/Offline-Tracking with OpenStreetMaps
    For every ShowGPS User are 100 values free to save.
    More about this function: Tracking

    More functions
    Mini-POI-Display for every navigation program
    LOG-file evaluation for Google Earth
    Autoswitch to Navi-program on voice output (RC-Win/Navigon/M&G)
    Sound and voice output for all information
    Touch screen menu
    Points of interest notification and import
    Pause your player when voice output
    Automatically measure acceleration
    With the virtual port you can share your gps-port
    Volume automatically adjusts
    RDS Radio Text information
    Graphically see your speed and altitude
    Controls the brightness of your screen
    Can start automatically other programs
    Built in Winamp and Media player support
    Automatically locates your GPS device

    ShowGPS - CarPC / Laptop Tool - POI / GPS / Tracking / Map

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    New Version 2.77


    New Version 2.77 - Download
    Import GPX files
    Load Waypoints, Tracks and Routes into ShowGPS map.

    Save all your routes and display them on the map

    Select your favorite icon to display your position. For example: car, boot, airplan

    Support for Software RC-Win
    Includes POI-Export from ShowGPS to RC-Win, Splitter and set Destination

    Search with coordinates
    Show the coordinates on map, eg. for Geocaching

    Compatible with Vista 64bit
    Now you can use ShowGPS under this Window system

    ShowGPS - CarPC / Laptop Tool - POI / GPS / Tracking / Map


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      Nice Specs

      I think I missed something. Does this work alone or with a spec. program.
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        All features are work alone in ShowGPS.
        Only the map download is over other tools.

        When you install ShowGPS you can see some of the features in the demo.

        ShowGPS - CarPC / Laptop Tool - POI / GPS / Tracking / Map


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          New Version 2.81! - Download

          Openstreetmap - Vectormaps
          Use all free maps from Openstreetmap on your CarPC or Netbook
          Import every country you want! - How to use?
          You can download small areas directly over the mapview.
          Speedlimit warning and display of streetnames are supported.

          Support for Software GarminMobilePC
          Includes POI-Export from ShowGPS to Garmin and Port-Settings

          Import accident points in KML(GoogleEarth)-Format
          Free download on

          Accident points with picture for every speedlimit
          Now you see the right picture for every speedlimit

          More Infos at

          ShowGPS - CarPC / Laptop Tool - POI / GPS / Tracking / Map