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  • iGuidance voice/audio/sound output

    Is there anyway to setup iGuidance to have it's audio output (the voice prompts and beeps) to be output to a windows sound device OTHER than the DEFAULT windows sound device?

    I'm able to change WinAmp easily enough to always output to a particular sound device, but there doesn't appear to be an option for this in iGuidance.

    As an alternative, perhaps there's some kind of utility program someone is aware of that can force one particular application to output to another sound device (leaving other applications to output to the default device).

    As some background, I've got a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme sound card set as my DEFAULT windows "sound playback" device. This is attached to the rear headrest screens. The onboard Realtek HD Audio is routed to the vehicle speakers. I've got WinAmp set to output to the Realtek, works fine. For movies, which I want sent to the headrest screens, the video player I'm using only seems to use the default audio device.

    So, I'm stuck with two programs, iGuidance and my video player that I want to send to different audio devices, but can only use the windows default audio device.

    Needless to say, I'm a bit stumped.

    P.S. Even deeper background, the video player I'm using is a homegrown VB.NET application that uses the Windows Media Player ActiveX control. While Windows Media Player itself can be configured to output to different sound devices (other than the default), I've looked high and low and cannot get the ActiveX control to output to anything other than the default audio output. Am going to appeal to some other forum(s) for any insight on this issue, but thought I'd work the iGuidance angle here in this forum. I only need one of the two to figure out how to output to the desired output.
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    UPDATE: Just FYI, struck out on the Microsoft angle. Direct from Microsoft's documentation for the ActiveX control I'm using:

    Windows Media Player ActiveX controlBy default, the Player control uses the audio device designated as Default DirectSound Device. The audio output device cannot be changed programmatically.

    So that leaves me with trying to find a solution for iGuidance or finding some kind of utility program (or I guess re-writing my video player to use some other software for playing AVI's).
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      Well, official confirmation from iNav that iGuidance won't do it:

      Hi David:
      Unfortunately, iGuidance is programmed to only output through system default sound card. The only way to divert it to another sound card is by your selecting the other sound card as your system default output.

      Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.
      Support Team
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        thanks for following up and posting what you found
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          Did a quick search and found this: Quick Sound Switch

          I haven't tried it myself but supposedly it allows you to create shortcuts which will change your default audio device and then launch your software.