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  • radio shack gps

    Has anyone tryed this yet?
    If so is it any good?
    getting ready to get one if it is worth it

    heres the link

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    Since it uses Delorme software.. and by clicking one of the links I kinda surmise that they are partnered on this one.. I think this might be sort of a generic Earthmate or something. It might be using proprietary data like the Earthmate which means you can't use it with other applications.

    Although I could be 100% wrong
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      I wouldn't get it... You get get better ones on ebay for much less.

      I bought a delorme tripmate a while ago for $65, and did the 5-minute hack to make it "nmea compliant" so now I use it with streets and trips (and other programs requiring the NMEA standard) with no problem.
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