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Customising Destinator Color Scheme

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  • Customising Destinator Color Scheme

    Hey lads, ive been playing around with Destinator 6 and have been wanting to customise the colors of roads/town areas etc. After searching through various hex editors and attempting to hack the software i spent a little time searching through various .inf's included in Destinator's files.

    After about an hour i discovered the "View3dDesc.inf".. hmm i thought, maybe i can change the angle of teh 3d view? well turns out its not just that!

    heres a small snippet of some of the code:
    		// Night background colors
    8,49,74		// VIEWEARTHCOLOR_NT
    8,90,132        // VIEWEARTHCOLOR_NB
    		// Night boundaries color of regular roads.
    101,89,73	// VIEWROADSGCOLOR_N
    		// Night body color of regular roads.
    173,156,130	// VIEWROADSCOLOR_N
    		// Night color of pedestrian roads.
    110,108,110	// VIEWPEDESTRIANCOLOR_N
    		// Night boundaries color of car route.
    		// Night body color of car route.
    255,255,255	// VIEWCARROUTECOLOR_N
    it didnt take long to work out the values are input as R,G,B and there is also a lot of settings for 3d angle multipliers and fog distance.

    I know D6 Isnt used as much now but hey, there was a time everyone was asking how to do this and only being told its possible with Hex Editors etc.

    Well all the best.