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  • Problem With CoPilot

    I bought a used version of CoPilot 2002 a while back,
    and it works great.
    but the only thing that I dislike is that when ever I go into the planning mode, a screen comes up and asks me if I would like to register.
    It gives me 3 options
    the last one is "Remind me later"
    or "Continue"
    it changes depending on the check box below "do not show this reminder again"
    I've chosen "Don't show this again" and it still does
    EVERYTIME I go into planning mode.
    Does anyone know why?
    and how to fix it.
    I don't want register it, because I don't know if the person I bought it from had already registered it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    My guess would be to click register by telephone in the first dialogue box and it'll probably provide you with the information (phone # and such) to register it over the phone... then just never do it.


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      Even if it's used, you bought it, you own it, so you can register it if you so choose.


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        True if you legaly bought it and the person is no longer useing it, you can register. Now if you barrowed it and gave them some cash I would not.

        Are you running Win2000 or XP.? Maybe need to be logged in as an Admin.

        Not sure. My copy went away

        I like the Telephone register Idea.
        2004 F350 Ext. Cab
        System not reinstalled in it yet