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    I have the receiver hook up and its working great so it appears. My question is why does the speed say like 2 - 5 miles an hour when I have it sitting on my desk?

    I'm using the BU-353 receiver... cool I just hit ten miles and hour...... lol wrong...

    A little help pleas guys...


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    GPS receivers don't work well indoors . Take it outside, where it will have access to signals from satellites in various directions, then it will perform better.


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      thats normal it seems, the tracking isnt mm perfect so it can vary by meters each sample of sat position...which can be read as movement.

      which can throw a trip computer is you have a long drive and stop at alot of lights, it might be longer there or back even if you travel the same roads

      once you are moving it seems to be pretty good...

      at least thats what i get with mine


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        which gps you are using?
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          Originally posted by angelinalove View Post
          which gps you are using?
          Originally posted by Batmaninls View Post
          I'm using the BU-353 receiver...
          Amazing what you can get when you pay attention.

          And to confirm, the apparent motion, especially when indoors, is normal.
          I believe it's due to poor communication with satellites, so you're getting readings from different satellites that are show your location as slightly different, which would indication motion.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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