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What PC GPS Navi software for .SHP .E00 .TAB or .MID/.MIF

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  • What PC GPS Navi software for .SHP .E00 .TAB or .MID/.MIF

    I'm looking for some PC GPS Navigation software that will use the following file formats:

    * ESRI Shapefiles (.SHP) or interchange format (.E00)
    * MapInfo Tables (.TAB) or interchange format (.MID/.MIF)

    Us aussies don't have hardly any PC based GPS navigation software... and i just found these maps: and wondered if there was any software to use them???

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    I suspect no consumer product will be able to use the data. And even if you do find software able to use the maps, I suspect the map data will be cost prohibitive for a single user.


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      Those are GIS format files


      These files are Shapefiles and Info files for GIS software, most popularly ESRI's ArcView or ArcGIS (the newer version). These are costly programs and can be used as rudimentary navigation that provides a "moving map" - however, simple things like trip routing are much more difficult. There are several free Shapefile viewers that will allow you to see the graphics, but again, they will not provide more than rudimentary GPS functions.

      Good Luck


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        I have purchased Odyssey Navigator from Cost me $210 delivered including the GPS Puck. Excellent service. It embeds nicely into Road Runner.

        I also use OziExplorer and the Natmap raster product for off road use. See my worklog:

        We released our OziExplorer plugin last week. See the end of this thread below for download links:
        2007 Toyota Hilux with a CarPC..

        OziExplorer GPS Embedded in RR: