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Garmin GPS 16-HVS help!

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  • Garmin GPS 16-HVS help!

    Hello, can i first of all say i am complete noob to GPS however with computers/electronics im far from that.


    Recently i was given a Garmin GPS 16-HVS from a friend for use with my CarPC, however it did not come with any manuals/cabling loom.
    I have tried to find out online as to how to get this running, the unit itself is waterproofed with a 5 meter Cat5 cable on the side with an RJ45 on the end of that, im reluctant to just plug it straight into a machine.

    I have been told it needs 12v power, but again im reluctant to start guessing and would rather not open it up incase i damage a water seal.

    Hopefully someone has heard of or used this unit before!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Looks like pages 7 & 8 contain the info you're looking for.
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      Ah brilliant, thanks!

      Now i just need to *borrow* the components from work which luckily has all of them, i'll post some details if all goes well!

      Seems like a fancy bit of kit for a freebie


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        ok, after two attempts of wiring it up i still have no luck connecting to it.

        I currently have it hooked into my desktop via a USB to Serial (RS232) adapter. I am 100% positive the wiring is correct.

        Im trying to get a Hyperterminal session to the unit, but end up with a blank screen, but no "cannot connect" errors.

        The desktops baud is set to 4800, and i believe is to be the same with the reciever.

        Am i doing something wrong? Or is there an easier way to test this?


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          If you can find a PC with a serial port so you don't have to deal with the USB-serial converter I'd try that first to eliminate any possible issues there.

          I have one of those units, but it's not set up so I can try any experiments, but I did have it set up and working with a PC with a serial port. If it is transmitting data you should see something on hyperterminal even if it looks like garbage on the screen. Are all the settings in hyperterminal right? I'm pretty sure it should be no hardware flow control since you've only got rx/tx/gnd connections.

          The GPS may have been set to a different baud rate, so you may want to try different baud rates on hyperterminal.

          You might try downloading the setup software Garmin references in the manual TheSovereign linked to.


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            Yea i think things are pointing to the USB to serial adapter, and i have tried the Garmin software with no luck.

            Im pretty sure the unit still has its default baud rate, i recieved it still in the plastic wrapping.

            Annoyingly im off to Belgium as of today so i cannot test this as soon as hoped, on the other hand my desktop machine does'nt have a Serial port (did'nt think i would need it when i first built it!)

            So its going to have to be an in-car test


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              Just FYI, the Garmin 16 can use WAAS corrections. The WAAS satellites were changed about a year ago, so you'll need to update the firmware so it knows about the new sats.

              The Garmin 16s were commonly used in agriculture for logging stuff. Some companies put a DB 9 on the end, and sent power and data through it. Obviously it wasn't a standard pin out. I also recall that there is one pin you need to ground for it to power up. Details on that are in the manual. Without that grounded, it will act dead, since it is still off.


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                Thanks for the information about WAAS, i honestly have no idea what that means, but i'll jump that hurdle when I get there

                As for the wiring, im pretty sure everything is correct, infact the unit makes a faint beeping noise if you listen really carefully!
                I think i've narrowed down the problem to the USB to RS232, at the moment i have the Tx and Rx to an RS232, with power to a 12v supply with a bridge to the yellow from ground, the yellow needs ground to start the unit, and 0.3 volts to put it into standby i believe.


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                  I use one of these. Mine came with a rj-45 connector for garmin QC testing. I just left the connector on, got a surface mount rj-45 wall jack and connected it to a serial cable following the pinout. I used the PowerSupply 12v to the red and yellow and black are constantly grounded. I use the serial port on the MB and the nav software find which port it is on and it works.
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