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What GPS software should I use with RR?

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  • What GPS software should I use with RR?


    I've got a problem here... I've recently bought a GPS reciever for my carputer, but I haven't decided what software to use yet.

    I live in Norway, anyone have any ideas of what to use? I have MapPoint 2006 Europe, but it wont start up when I've selected in RRconfig to use MapPoint.

    I have been looking on Map Monkey, and that looks interesting, with the integrated keyboard and all.

    I guess the maps will work, even if its for PDA? I read on the Map Monkey site that I should use maps from Destinator, so I'll give it a shot...

    Any others that live in europe that have any comments on what I should use for GPS software in my carputer?


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    Please do not discuss warez on this site.
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        I'm from Norway to

        And I ask the same question, is there a program to recommend for use in RR???
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