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  • Intercontinental/Worldwide GPS Solution

    Hi all,

    Hope you can help here. I have got a system set up already, infact quite a few GPS solutions that I have installed (I live in the UK) including Mapoint 2009, Tom Tom mobile and Garmin as well.

    I am taking part in a rally in July of this year and will be travelling in a Shogun from London ending up in Tajikistan in Asia. The route passes through EUrope, Eastern europe (such as Belarus, Eukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey) and also the middle east (Georgia, Armenia, Iran) and in to Asia (Terkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstana and finally Tajikistan). Is going to be a misssion!

    On the way back from there we were thinking of taking a different route and maybe coming back up via Morocco so going through Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and then up through Spain and France before coming back to the UK.

    I have got all the different GPS solutions, to be honest the better ones I have found are Tom Tom and Garmin which work best on my mobile (Nokia N95) rather than an in car solution.

    Is there a PC based GPS solution that is as good as these? And also if there isn't, is it possible to get Tom Tom or Garmin to work on the PC...actually I know this is possible but if so a walkthrough would be muchly appreciated.

    FInally, The MAP ISSSUE. Although there are maps available for different countries, is it possible to have them all installed as a world map OR is it possible to combine all the maps in to one map that can be easily installed. Space is not an issue, laptop HD has loads of room and even my mobile has around 10gb free on the SD card so no worries there.

    Need the best solution though please so all suggestions and comments welcome.

    many thanks in advance

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    I'd look into Garmin Mobile PC (or Garmin nRoute). Garmin sells various map products, and also there are Garmin-compatible 3rd-party products available for many parts of the world.

    There was a discussion recently at Laptop GPS World on the topic of how to combine maps, or how to manage maps, for Garmin Mobile PC.