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holux gps problem after updating motherboard

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  • holux gps problem after updating motherboard

    I have a holux gps, i use the gm210 drivers. had a epia 10k mobo before and it worked great. i now updated my mobo and use the same drivers as i did before but have yet to pull my location with this device. im using iguidance 4. anyone have any issues like mine? when i list the sat's it sometimes shows up to 3 sat's but it never shows my location.

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    Get a BU-353. I found it to lock faster in more places and be more reliable than the holux. I had a Holux before and it was nothing but problems and had to drive around before I could get a fix. Now with the BU-353 I can get a lock even in certain rooms of my house w/o even being next to the window


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      yeah thats what im trying to avoid. my holux has worked great in the past. weird how it just stopped working once i upgraded mobo's