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  • Really bad software

    I have a Magellan 3100 and am about to update to something with better software. My complaints with the 3100 are that the software is poorly written and am looking for something that has better authors.

    1) If I ask for the shortest route the software will constantly have me getting off the freeway only to get back on again on the inside of a curve. I guess, technically, it is shorter, but that's a lousy algorithm that needs a bit more sophistication.

    2) Many times I will ask for the Fastest route, then ask for the Shortest route, only to find that the shortest route is even faster than the one the software selected for fastest. And I mean this, not by running the route, but only by looking at the ETA projected before starting. In other words, the computer doesn't have a clue as to which is the fastest!!!

    3) When I bought the unit the software was already 5 years old and they would only give me the latest software if I paid them MORE than I paid for the unit.

    I want fresh software in my unit...or a certificate for a free upgrade immediately after purchase if there is newer software available, software that will try all routes before deciding one is the fastest only to contradict itself when another route is selected, and software that wont use the access roads of a freeway to determine a shorter route.

    Any idea if such a unit exists???
    Jim Isbell
    Installed HP T5700 running full XP on a 10 gb HD, Street Atlas 2005, LT-20 GPS, OBD-Diag, rear view camera, FM transmitter.