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iGuidance 2009 on mac mini

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  • iGuidance 2009 on mac mini

    Has anyone been able to run iGuidance 2009 on a mac mini running XP on bootcamp? iGuidance 3.0 ran fine. I finally upgraded to 2009, but get an error stating "unable to read from hard drive." It appears to run the install, and I copied the map files, etc, after first running maploader w/right click and "run as" option. Simply double clicking the maploader.exe gives the same read error. I uninstalled v3.0 and ran the 2009 install multiple times with no difference. The hard drive is error free. I suspect it's their copy protection scheme not playing to XP rules, and something about the way bootcamp partitions the hard drive that's causing the problen. Any ideas?

    If not I have a copy of iGuidance 2009 for sale.....

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    Update: iNavcorp support won't help. They continue to respond to my increasingly frustrated emails, but are not willing to actually provide support. So just beware if you are a bootcamp / XP user that ig v4/2009 won't work. ymmv. I'm going with Garmin.... (See my ad for iG in the classifieds!)