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  • Music and GPS

    I was thinking about getting GPS but I dont really know much about how it works (only what ive read here).

    I know that you enter a destination and it tells you how to get there on screen and or by audible directions.

    My main question is can you run a GPS app and a MP3 app at the same time? How do you switch back and forth between the mp3 screen and the GPS screen. Also, is there anyway to do GPS and movies??

    Long trips would be the main use of GPS, but long trips are also the main use of movies. Can I have both at the same time? What (good) software can be controlled by a visual basic app if i were to create one. I would like to controll as much as possible with my irman remote.

    I have never had or used a GPS in car or otherwise, so anything you can add about problems I might have would be greatly appreciated.

    91 cadillac sedan deville, winXP, FV25 with Celeron 800, Redant 7" widescreen in dash, Opus DC-DC, Irman, Digital Cable remote(lots of buttons), 120 gig 7200rpm 8meg cache WD hard drive, VI power mobile HD rack, mediaengine

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    well, in my set up I use DesktopX for some graphical thingy's, like displaying song title at some other things. Iwe made a Girder file, to controll the Winamp, even when the winamp isnt focused. This way I can have the map showing, and still be able to change songs with the keypad.

    This is kinda what my screen looks like

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