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Garmin OEM GPS Intermittent problems 15L-W

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  • Garmin OEM GPS Intermittent problems 15L-W

    Hey guys, having a very odd problem. I thought at first I had hooked up the oem unit incorrectly, but then the gps started receiving gps info from 6 or so satellites. I have turned the computer completely on and off and went from hibernate and back on about 15 times total. I have only been getting gps data on two or three seperate occasions, but every time it's a strong signal and receives data as soon as I can get to the iGuidance (version 4) screen.

    I can't remember if I hooked the power up to the 3.3 volt source on my board or a 5v one. Could that cause my problems? I know that is within the range of the unit.

    On my old setup the same unit worked perfectly.

    I saw that Garmin has update firmware available but I would like to avoid that route if possible. I have the worst luck in the world with updating firmware.

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    Yesterday I started the car and had 9 satellites on my way home from work.

    Hopped in today and couldn't get a signal on my way in to work.