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Australia 2009 Maps please help

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  • Australia 2009 Maps please help

    OK heres the deal... I am in the process of installing a carputer (Phase One... Planning) I have been at if for about a week every day getting all the details just right and am now stuck on one thing... The GPS System.

    I like the centrafuse intergrated GPS System which uses defender and am keen on a system like this or similar however for the life of me I cannot find current maps for australia... I believe that centrafuse australia edition comes with 2006 maps which I could find for free and are really useless as most of the main road near me have changed and are in the process of still changing...

    PLEASE could sombody tell me where to find a good software solution for GPS with current updated maps, I have yet to purchase the GPS receiver and have read a bit about garmin... Do they have updated maps or is australia basically discontinued for that

    I'm sure the answer is obvious to many of you so please refrain from calling me a noob and only post useful information

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    2009 Australia Maps


    I am in the same position as yourself, and looked everywhere for Australian 2009 maps. I did find 2008 Maps that were quite useful for myself. I just pasted the Australia folder under the centrafuse directory and loaded in the map. Worked great.

    If you want I can upload them to a file sharing site for you to download.

    Let me know