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  • GPS 2400 Install

    Hello Guys i am looking at getting this Device as it does all the features i want it to do and its a good price and looks sleek as.

    Rooftop GPS/Cellular/PCS/WiFi antenna GPS 2400

    I want to know i take it for me to mount this on my Rear Window i will need to see a Specialist as its going to require the Window to be cut?
    I Live In Australia :D

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    ...need more info...
    ...Not A Mind Reading Forum...

    In Short, No save money and diy...

    I doubt you will need a specialist to install. Only three wires. Its easier to cut metal than glass... Easier To Cut Metal Than Automotive glass I should say. Depending on your ride and if you have a third brake light towards the roof you want have to cut much. Like I said need more info.

    Mount on your hood. Right in front. trust me it would look killer!
    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      Well i just spoke to a company around the corner from me and they sell similar stuff to this but its more just for incar phones OR GPS units.

      I am interested in this as i want GPS and WIFI in my car and this will only help boost my signal.

      They told me that most of these units do not require you you to cut anything at all.

      they stick on your window and transmit through the glass.

      What i want to know i suppose is Does this unit come with that feature or does it require a hole in your car to run wires?
      I Live In Australia :D


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        The above picture is from the MP3car store. The drawing makes the impression upon me that indeed it may require a whole in the roof.


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          Ok Thanks Very Much I gave the details to a guy in Australia and he told me the same thing... so i will be looking for something else now
          I Live In Australia :D