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RR GPS software and Hardware hellp needed

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  • RR GPS software and Hardware hellp needed

    I am new to Car PC so please forgive me if my questions are not reasonable or easy for many of the members of this forum.

    I live in Cyprus and it is hard to get software with Cyprus maps. I saw many posts in the GPS forum and i end up that Iguidance is mostly used for RR Car PC...or not?
    I searched in iGuidance website to get info for Cyprus maps but no result. I do have the Designator 7 software and have maps for Greece and Cyprus. My problem is if the designator software is compatible with the RR software and if the RR Navigator will work.

    Does anybody knows a navigator software with Cyprus maps compatible with RR software

    I also need to ask if there is any difference in some GPS receivers with various GPS software. I mean if i get a receiver that is on sale at the forum shop it will work with Designator software or compatibility problems will arise from RR software.

    Are there any tutorial for RR software and also any tutorial for setting GPS software in RR?

    Thank you in advance