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GPS application similar to SIRF Demo

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  • GPS application similar to SIRF Demo

    Hi all,

    I was testing out a gps at work today and I thought I would share my results.

    No scientific testing has been done but so far my BU-353 is very much on par with a 900 dollar trimble copernicus gps setup with external power source.

    the software they supply seems more straight forward than sirfdemo and has a google maps integration as well.

    please visit and use either of the zip files. I personally used the trimble studio. the .exe is the driver for the gps I was testing out. is for the direct link to the trimble studio application. just run it and go to connections-->new connection --> auto detect -->ok

    click the map icon in the window that pops up. My program crashed once or twice but its been working fine since.


    if you are interested in the meaning of the NMEA messages you can look them up beginning on page 88 of this document. pretty interesting.

    PS anyone know why i have to restart centrafuse everytime to get my nav to work with the bu-353. from the reading ive done i need to use xport. is this the case?


    Similar C/No ratios were achieved with no clear winner. Possibly a slight advantage to the Trimble but not always the case.